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Kim John Payne

Kim John Payne is a bright light in the world of tending to your kids so they are secure, creative, strong people.

In the video below he's interviewed on television regarding his book Simplicity Parenting. He starts by saying: 

My work began some years ago in refugee camps in Asia, where I saw a lot of stressed kids,  and when I came back to the West I noticed the same sort of symptoms, and I came to realize "My goodness, we are living in kind of an undeclared war on childhood."

This set me on my course.

That course became Simplicity Parenting.
Part of his advice involves ways to slow down and let the minds and nervous systems and hearts of children develop without constant activity and steady distractions.

For a slightly better picture, drop down to the bottom of the page here (below the videos), for a summary of the content of his recent workshop at teh Princeton Waldorf School.

For the sake of our children, I can't recommend anyone more than Kim John Payne.

Here is the video about the book Simplicity Parenting:

For more on Kim John Payne, here is the website for Simplicity Parenting.

On a related note:

Kim Jon Payne's work may have wakened
the New York Times.
A lead article on Sunday, October 23, 2011 called attention to success of the no-computer, low media Waldorf School in the middle of Silicon Valley - and that it's drawing children of many computer technology leaders. Click.

In the Business and Innovation column, another article on this approach producing good results. Click.

Below is from the announcement of Kim Payne's workshop given at the Waldorf School in Princeton on November 18 and 19, 2011

Author of the wise, informative, innovative and inspiring Simplicity Parenting book, Kin John Payne will speak at the Waldorf school Friday evening and conduct a workshop on Saturday. His work helps with kids of all ages.

His work has been praised by Time Magazine and Huffington Post, and I can't recommend this enough for anyone with kids. I devoured the book, reading long sections aloud to my husband, and will be there myself.

Topic: "Raising Respectful Kids in a World of Disrespect".

He will cover:
  • Establishing rhythms to ease tensions, improve mealtimes and bedtimes.
  • Streamlining home to reduce overload and improve the flow of life with kids
  • Scheduled activities: how much is good for kids?
  • Media: when and how much is good for your child? 
Attend Friday evening's talk or Saturday's workshop, or both.
November 18 and 19, 2011