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NJ Vaccination Bill

November 12, 2012

The NJ Senate is currently considering a bill to reduce individual religious freedom in the state in order to better force compliance from people with religious objections to vaccinations.

There is no urgent health risk pushing this, and vaccines have never been proven safe, but someone is pushing this ahead.

Just last month the the NJ Senate released a false date for their vote to advance the bill to the Senate, avoiding a house full of protestors. They voted yes, and bill S1759 moved forward.

In response to our phone calls and petitions, the bill was modified slightly to require no annual vaccination counseling and no doctor's signature. 

Now the NJ Senate has delayed its vote, but as we saw with the Health Committee, they can schedule it and quickly vote on it before word can spread.

This bill is deeply flawed legally and ignores the reason many people are searching for ways to opt out of the short-sighted mass vaccination plan of the State and Pharma industry.

We believe this foolish bill moves into very dangerous ground, and survives only by the enormous ignorance of legislators that rely on the Pharma companies that sell the vaccines for their information.

Why do so few legislators understand science?

In this bill, the State of NJ would set itself up to decide whose religious beliefs are sufficiently sincere and valid.

WHAT? In America?

At no time should the state ever be deciding whether an individual’s religious beliefs are acceptable or sufficiently sincere. This is a dangerous path is forbidden by the first amendment, but that does not seem to bother the legislators.  

Is this what they must resort to, in the face of educated people deciding the state vaccination policy is so badly done that people are abandoning it?

Help us stop this bill.
Click here for what to do, or read on for more info.

For Dr. Ginsburg's point of view on childhood vaccination, click here.

Write and call your NJ State Representatives,
(listed by township if you click the link.)

And sign the petitions: here and here.

In New Jersey vaccinations are required more often than any other state, over forty at last count, and rising.

Perhaps you have read that some vaccinations might cause lasting harm to children? Possibilities of reduced immune abilities, harsh allergies, ADD, autism, or asthma?

Even Donald Trump is voicing concern about a link between autism and vaccinations.

Parents have been losing faith in vaccination at a rapid rate. The response of the state has been to force compliance without examining the issues.  

Another good source of news on this subject is  http://njvaccinationchoice.org.  

Previous History:
In 2008  the NJ House Health Committee (not the same as the Senate committee) held a hearing on a bill to allow a philosophical exemption to allow any parent to shield their children from vaccination based on only a philosphical objection. The bill was never sent on for a vote. The committee, headed by Sen. Herb Conway, did not even allow Dr. Deborah Ginsburg, who was waiting, to speak as an expert witness during the testimony time, restricting her to only 120 seconds to make comments. Not much time to even begin presenting a clear point of view on a complex medical issue.

The text of the bill is here. For more information about NJ vaccination hearings and all the issues, go to the website for Vaccine Choice.

Contact information for members of the NJ Senate Health and Human Services Committee are below:

Vitale, Joseph F. – Chair (Sponsor of the Bill) Phone: 732-855-7441
Fax: (732) 855-7558
569 Rahway Avenue Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Madden, Fred H. – Vice-Chair
Phone: (856)232-6700 & (856)401-3073
Fax: (856) 232-6844
129 Johnson Road Suite 1 Turnersville, NJ 08021

Addiego, Dawn Marie
Phone: (609)654-1498
Fax: (609) 654-4791
176 Route 70 Suite 13 Medford, NJ 08055

Allen, Diane B.
Phone: (609) 239-2800
Fax: (609) 239-2673
11 West Broad Street Burlington, NJ 08016

Buono, Barbara
Phone: (732) 205-1372 Fax: (732) 205-1375
Two Lincoln Highway Suite 401
Edison, NJ 08820

Gordon, Robert M.
Phone: (201) 703-9779 & (201) 374-2205
Fax: (201) 703-8127
14-25 Plaza Road P.O. Box 398
Fair Lawn, Nj 07410
35 South Washington Ave Bergenfield, NJ 07671

Rice, Ronald L.
Phone: (973) 371-5665
Fax: (973) 371-6738
1044 South Orange Avenue
Newark, NJ 07106

Singer, Robert W.
Phone: (732) 987-5669
Fax: (732) 987-5672
1771 Madison Avenue
Lakewood, NJ 08701

Thompson, Samuel D.
Phone: (732) 607-7580
Fax: (732) 607-7879
2501 Highway 516 Suite 101
Old Bridge, NJ 08857

Whelan, Jim
Phone: (609) 383-1388
Fax: (609) 383-1497
511 Tilton Road
Northfield, NJ 08225

Sweeney, Stephen – Senate President
Phone: (856) 251-9801
Fax: (856) 251-9752
935 Kings Highway, Suite 400
West Deptford, NJ 08086

Nov 28, 2012, 7 to 9 PM Healing Oceans sponsors a free discussion, open to all,
on vaccine safety,
led by Dr. Ginsburg

Please reserve a space by calling 609-474-4325