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The Annual Plan

The Annual Plan was devised by Dr. Ginsburg to help the parents of the youngest kids, who tend to need to see the doctor more often.

The plan reduces your costs, and makes payment more predictable. This is an innovation, and is only available for children from birth to five years old. It's your decision how long you keep a child in the plan.

By far the most value occurs in a child's first year of life, do to the many visits during that time.

Under the Annual Plan you pay a discounted flat rate payment for an entire year, covering all sick and well visits for a child, including additional visits to address issues of breast feeding and weight gain.

The plan covers other ancillary services for which there is normally a fee, such as form comletion and email correspondance. (When such services are requested during an in person visit, there is never an extra fee.)

Cost savings in the annual plan:
In the first year of life, a baby is scheduled for well visits (check ups) with the doctor within the first week after birth, at two week and/or four weeks, two months, four months, six months, nine months, and one year. Babies also can get sick and parents may want  medical attention. New mothers especially may want the coaching that Dr. Ginsburg gives. All of this is covered.

You can still submit for out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance company for each visit, and get reimbursed for the normal cost of the visit. When the amount you have submitted totals the cost of the annual fee, you do not get any more reimbursement. 

Our office will also send in the insurance submission for you, if you wish.

Annual Plan miscellaneous: 
    • The Annual Plan does not cover Doctor's work related to things outside normal health care.
    • Patients with certain conditions cannot be covered under a plan, but this is quite rare, and the doctor would discuss this at the time of your first visit.
    • If your child's need for care increased greatly while under the plan, such as if a complicated disease occured, it is possible we could not continue you in a plan. We would strive to make a fair adjustment, based on whatever you already paid, if this became necessary.

Annual Plan - Cost

Cost:       $1500 per year per child
  • It is paid in one lump sum yearly or by four installments (occuring every other month) using automated charges to a credit card.

Annual Plan - Not covered
  • Vaccines and doctor time required for administration
  • Procedures, supplements, drugs, or herbs.
    The plan only covers the doctor's time.
  • This plan not available to children on the autistic spectrum, and possibly others - as determined on a case by case basis. For example, this might apply to babies who have been in the NICU.


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