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Cold Home Remedy

  • Can knock out a new cold in a day

  • Strengthen your immune system

This cold home remedy is as simple as it is powerful.
It's the drinking water cure.

The cold cure works like this:
  • At the start of a cold, drink four to eight quarts of water over three to five hours. You can guzzle it.

  • Do this with your stomach empty, like first thing in the morning.  Eat nothing until you finish. (Snacking on watery raw vegetables, like celery or cucumber, would also be ok.) 

  • In each quart, dissolve a hearty pinch of salt (up to 1/8 teaspoon).   Lemon or lime juice can be added for flavor.

  • You can also use herbal tea (with no sweetener or artificial sweetener) or clear broth like the  immune-strengthening broth. Remember to add the salt.  

  • Don't force it. 
    Don't drink to the point of discomfort.

  • Experiment. You may be surprised how quickly you can drink all this. Some discover they can comfortably drink a quart in a few minutes, but this is not a race. 

    Empty stomach:
    If you went to bed with a full stomach, it may need 20 minutes to empty after you get up. Wait for the feeling of fullness to pass. 

  • Gargling helps any cold, but if the cold includes a sore throat, this cure may not work, although it may help.

    Gargle frequently to help the body eliminate the infection in your throat. Homemade salt water gargle does as much as the store brands. Use it at least every couple of hours. 
Empty stomach:
If you went to bed with a full stomach, it may need 20 minutes to empty after you get up. Wait for the feeling of fullness to pass. 

Quality of the water
Use filtered water whenever possible, from a good quality filter. In public water many small poisons are allowed that stress the body and can cause problems over time.

Chlorine is added in small amounts to kill germs, but is also a poison for humans. You don't need this extra stress on your body while it's trying to get well. Most filters take out chlorine, but leaving it in an open pot or wide-neck jar for 24 hours removes it by evaporation.

Water in plastic bottles also absorbs poisons from the plastic.  It is crazy that only a few doctors are talking about this! As a rule, avoid water and food packaged in contact with plastic. Store cooked food in class jars or ceramics like Pyrex.

Remember the basics, too.
and continue them to stay healthy.  
  • Keep warm (especially feet and head), 
  • If you can, take a relaxing walk outdoors, perhaps for a mile, or whatever is comfortable. (Moving your body without stress, breathing deeper, and getting fresh air can help a lot.)
  • Get the sleep you need, 
  • Eat vegetables, avoid sugar
  • Salt water gargle 
  • Taking vitamin C (3000 to 5000 mg daily) always helps.
  • Do the other things that strengthen the immune system

  • Avoid sugar & sugary foods,
  • Avoid sitting at computer screens, 
  • Avoid other things that weaken your immune system.
Loose stools?
You may get loose stools from the remedy. Don't worry. It will pass when you slow the water down. Also, loose stools are sometimes one way the body releases toxins to help you get better.

The Second Day:
(or after your symptoms disappear):
Drink well to satisfy your thirst on the second day. Your body is still cleaning itself out from the virus. Satisfy your thirst with water! It is your body telling you what it needs. Avoid confusing it with sugary food or drink or artificial sweetners.

You'll probably need about one quart per 50 or 60 pounds body weight. 

Continue to take good care of yourself for a few days more. You are still recovering. On the outside you may seem to be normal, but inside your body is still  rebuilding and recovering.

How much water do you need each day? Learn your full requirement for water each day. You may get sick a lot less.

If the cold has already set in:
Iif the cold has been around for a day or two, and your sinuses have already filled up, the remedy may help but not work completely. 
Use good sense.
I have never seen anyone react badly while doing this, but make sure you observe yourself and how you are feeling.

If you get dizzy, use caution. Sit down. Slow the water. If you find yourself wanting to push away the very taste of water, don't drink. This might not be the common cold treatment for you. Consider seeing a doctor. 

Keep in mind that your water output needs to equal your water input.  You should be peeing almost the same amount as you drink. People with undiscovered kidney trouble might not. If this could be happening, stop the cure. See a doctor.

How does it work?
I am not sure why this home cold remedy works, and have not seen any study that tests it. Perhaps because many people live in a dehydrated state, drinking beverages containing caffeine or sugar that dehydrate them and reduce the strength of their immune system.

I believe this cure for common colds probably amounts to little more than getting the body hydrated and helping to flush out toxins and viruses at a time when the body is working hard to get well. The body then does the rest, and you can drop down to drinking the correct amount of water each day. 

For other aids to strengthen your ability to fight colds, check out this page of other home remedies for cold and flu.  

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