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Costco Pharmacy Price List
and Our Price Comparison

The Costco Pharmacy price list, in full, is available online. Our survey of some prices at Costco Pharmacy, Walmart Pharmacy, and Target Pharmacy is below.

Costco is the only pharmacy we know that posts all their prices for public view. I imagine it is because their prices tend to be lowest. The prices in a Costco pharmacy store are usually only pennies different from the online price.

You may have read our review of the Costco pharmacy, but in this page we compare it with the Walmart

Our limited price comparison of Costco with other pharmacies is below. Costco Pharmacy prices are the lowest of any pharmacy I have seen, although you can find a lower price elsewhere on a few items. They also give a greater discount for people without prescription insurance. I was impressed enough that I wanted to let our patients and community know about it.

For our review of the Costco Online Pharmacy (for home delivery) and Costco store pharmacies, as well as some comments on the WalMart and Target pharmacies, click here.

Like other online pharmacies, Costco's offers discounts (although Costco's are sometimes greater than other online pharmacies). Unlike

Prices are also lower for people who do not have prescription drug insurance coverage. Costco apparently gives up their profit on pharmaceuticals for such people. 

The prices in a Costco pharmacy store are usually only pennies different from the online price.

How good are the prices?

We ran a very simple price comparison of Costco prices against some others. Below is what we found.

Keep in mind that both Target and Walmart offer a program in which they will provide certain generic drugs (but not all) at $10 for a 90 day supply, and $4 for a 30 day supply. These prices can be lower than Costco's. The drugs included in this program can change, and you can see what drugs are included in each one online.

Our sources for this survey:

Generic drug list: Wal Mart Pharmacy prices in this plan.
                   800-973-5526 Mail order office
                   609-987-9774 (Store: Nassau Park Blvd, Princeton)

Generic drug list: Target Pharmacy prices in this plan
                   732-329-521 (Store: Rt. 1 and Ridge Road, Princeton)

Costco prices
Online: Costco Pharmacy price list
Store:   732-584-1002.

The prices in the Costco online /mail order pharmacy are usually only pennies different from the in store price.

The survey was conducted on March 10, 2012.

Drug Costco Target WalMart
Over the Counter:
Allegra (OTC)
(Stores gave prices
in different sizes.)
100 tab
30 tablets
15 tablets:
Gold Bond Powder
(10 oz.)
in store only
48.79 47.88 online
(higher price
in store)
Mack's Silicone
$2.75 / dozen
in store only
N/A $4.25
By Prescription only:
Flonase 16 gms
(0.5% nasal spray)
$92.31 $111.99 $98.46
Fluticasone 16 gms
(= generic Flonase)
$27.80 $47.99 $44.72
1000 mg tablet
100 tablets
$210.02 $225.00 $242.32
(= generic Glucophage)
1000 mg tablet
100 tablets
$6.99  $7.00 $6.78
  100 mg ,
  90 day supply
$ 9.73
    in store
$10.00  $10.00
Extended Release
(Generic Toprol XL)
  50 mg 90 count
  in store
   in store
   in store
  80 mg, 30 pills
   in store
$  85.47
   for members
142.99 133.72
20 mg, 90 count
$9.99 online
$9.02 in store
$52.77 $52.46

You can call the Costco mail order / online pharmacy at 1-800-607-6861. They will help you locate a local pharmacy, quote prices, or answer other questions.

The Costco pharmacy in Bridgewater, NJ  can be reached at 732-584-1002.

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