Postal address: P.O. Box 80, Rocky Hill, NJ 08553
Office address: 182 Tamarack Circle, Skillman NJ 08558 (off Rt. 206 in Montgomery)
609-474-HEAL  (609-474-4325)     Fax: 609-644-4400

The Health Hub 

We are leaving the Health Hub and moving to a new online portal called Passport. 

Even if you've used the Hub in the past, use Passport now. 

You must register to be able to login. 

It's simple.
Details are here.  
You'll need to call us to get started. 

All your old records will be in the new system.
How to email a question to the doctor:
All messages to the doctor need to be done through Passport.

Non-medical questions
such as those related to billing, insurance, scheduling, the web site, or other administrative issues, call us directly at 609-474-4325.

How to schedule appointments
is handled only over the phone.  609-464-4325.

Leaving phone messages:
Calls often go to voice mail. 
Don't worry. We are likely here but busy at the moment. Please leave a message. We call folks back promptly.

How to change your password or username
in the online portal:

  • After you log in, go down to the bottom of the left hand column and click on "My Preferences".  
  • There should pop up three options - change username, change password, and change photo. 
  • Click on the one you want and follow directions.

How to get tech support:
Call us:            609-474-4325  

.Please call us if you have any questions or difficulties.

If you think you need to use the old Health Hub, call us at 609-474-4325

To register in the new portal that replaces the Health Hub, click the logo below:
Health Hub button