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Healthy Halloween Treat Ideas 

With other healthy Halloween tips

"Healthy" and "Halloween treat" don't usually go together.

The avalanche of sugar that leaves kids tired, their immune system weakened, hormone levels distorted, behavior issues ramped up, their brain function altered, allergy symptoms worse, and their minds less able to focus. Muscles get weaker. And there's the damage to teeth.

Let's do it better.

Here are a few healthy Halloween tips to help make it a fun, festive holiday without the drawbacks. 
Instead of giving away candy, consider giving a different kind of treat, such as
  • Halloween or otherwise "cool" pencils.
  • Wax vampire teeth.
  • Crazy eyeballs and monocles that sit over kid's eyes. (Funny, kooky and cheap.)
  • Plastic soldiers with plastic parachutes that kids can throw in the air.
  • Fake moustaches
  • pennys and nickles for little kids
  • Play-Doh.
    Play-Doh has come up with bags of small play-doh containers specifically for Halloween.  We’ve given away play-doh packs in the past and surprisingly, even older kids thought it was "really cool.” 
You get the idea. I've found these prizes at Halloween stores, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and Health Food stores.

Make Halloween more about the fun, friends and family rather than the candy.  Have some friends over to play games instead of spending hours trick or treating (although it is nice to be outside walking around. Maybe only trick or treat a short time, followed by a party with healthier treats).

Make your own healthy Halloween treat, such as small bags of homemade popcorn, or raisins mixed with peanuts, or check out this page for more ideas for a healthy halloween treat.
If you are going to get candy, stick with the more natural brands such as Yummy Earth, Surf Sweets or get some organic dark chocolate.  You can usually find them at your local health food store, or by ordering them here.

Remember, the makers of conventional candy include preservatives and other risky chemicals. In addition, most candy has additives (such as artificial coloring)  that can increase the body's toxicity burden, cause cancer, and cause behavioral problems such as hyperactivity, tantrums, difficulty focusing, and other ADHD symptoms.
After Halloween, instead of letting the candy sit around where you and your children will be tempted to eat it, consider selling your candy back. 

Operation Gratitude has a great program that enlists dentists to buy back kids’ candy.  Then the candy is sent overseas for the troops.  You can find out more at Operation Gratitude.  

I heard that the Halloween Witch visits Dr. Ginsburg’s house every year after Halloween. In exchange for a bag of candy, she leaves a gift (such as a game or a book).  Dr. Ginsburg goes through the bag of candy, culls out the candy with the worst fats, the most corn syrup, the worst ingredients, and lets her son pick a small bag of candy from the rest. He gets a piece a few times weekly until he forgets about it or it is gone.

The discarded candy is placed in a bag (with some fanfare) to give to the witch, who comes in the night, who has rotten, painful teeth, terrible skin full of acne, and is often sick.

After the first year of protest, her son actually has come to love the routine. He still has some candy from the night, plus he gets a suprise GIFT!

Maybe you could have the Halloween witch visit your house as well?  Unfortunately, I don’t know the witch’s phone number, but I believe she is close friends with the tooth fairy and can be reached at the same address.

Have a happy Halloween,
and fun, healthy Halloween treats!

Stephanie Goodman CNC

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