29 Pine Brae Drive, Skillman NJ 08558
609-474-HEAL (609-474-4325)     Fax: 609-644-4400

Our Office Hours
and Emergency Needs

Front desk hours:
The front desk is staffed during office hours and beyond.

Monday & Friday            9 am to 3 pm
Tuesday & Thursday       9 am to 6:30 pm

Dr. Ginsburg's hours:
Dr. Ginsburg is usually available to see patients on the following schedule:

Monday & Friday:         Early AM to mid-afternoon.
Tuesday & Thursday:    Mid morning into evening.

Temporary changes to the schedule will happen.
Example: when Dr. Ginsburg goes to a medical conference she may schedule a Wednesday, a weekend, or extend other hours.

Emergency and urgent needs:
We are set up to be able to see and support patients in 24 hours or sooner when they have an urgent need.

During off hours we monitor phone messages for these urgent needs.

Same day appointments for new patients are rarely available, since the schedule tends to be full. If the wait for the next available appointment is long for you, we can place you on a waiting list to come in when a cancellation occurs. 

Night time emergencies:
We do not monitor  phone messages between 9 PM and 7 AM, but will follow up in the morning if a message is left.

If you have an urgent situation that must be tended to during those hours, please go to your nearest emergency room.