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How to submit your visit to
Dr. Ginsburg to your insurance company.  

You can still submit the cost of seeing Dr. Ginsburg to your insurance company, even though she "does not participate" with insurance company plans and HMOs. 

In fact, we will do it for you if you prefer that. Or we will help you understand and do it yourself. 

However, we do not accept medicaid or medicare.

You can get reimbursed by your medical plan for seeing Dr. Ginsburg if you have out-of-network" insurance benefits.
(An explanation of why she chose to not participate with insurance companies is here.)

Among those who have out-of-network benefits, our patients are being reimbursed between 30% and 100%, depending on the plan.

Many tests are covered by all insurance companies, and some are not at all. But that is no different with Healing Oceans than it is with any other doctor office. However Dr. Ginsburg uses better and more informative tests than most doctors use. Some of these tests fall under hte category of "Functional Testing", a game-changing approach to understanding what is going on in the body for those doctors who are ready to take to time to learn it. Our page on tests is here.

You can also pay medical bills using a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) credit card, if your employer offers you this kind of account and you choose to use it.

How to prepare:

Call your insurance company.
The phone number is on your insurance card, on any statements you receive from them, and on the policy booklet.

You need to know if your plan covers out-of-network medical care.They can also tell you the percentage of the fee they will reimburse you. 

Get the form your insurance company requires be attached to an out-of-network claim. When you call they can tell you how to get this. Often it is a simple download on your computer.

How to submit:

Pay for the visit.
At Healing Oceans, you must pay for the visit when you leave. Dr. Ginsburg will give you a form showing the charge and how much you paid.

Fill out the form your insurance plan requires.
You will need your account number from your insurance card or policy statement.

This form is then combined with the form Dr. Ginsburg gave you, and you either mail it, fax it, or scan / email it to the insurance company.

Wait for the mail
The insurance company then sends you a statement of how much it decides you should receive, and this comes with a check for the amount that is covered.