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Names for Holistic Medicine

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Different names for holistic medicine:

Holistic medicine:
Holistic medicine is defined in detail here.

Complementary medicine
Refers to using different modalities of care or treatment together, to complement each other’s effectiveness.

An example would be to use acupuncture and herbs at the same time to strengthen the immune system of a cancer patient, while the patient undergoes conventional chemotherapy, which weakens the immune system. (Ultimately, it is the immune system that must keep us healthy and vital, an awareness that has come from the holistic side.)

The terms integrative medicine and integrative physician  are names that refer to the medical practice of blending together or integrating together, into one approach, both conventional medicine and these alternative modalities. The integrative physician may not be the master of these alternatives. Instead she may simply understand when to refer her patient to get the benefit of another practitioner, but she has the understanding of when to do this, and the benefits that can be obtained.

Many practitioners now describe themselves as holistic, and some may not even be clear on what that means. The patient needs to be careful and still evaluate the practitioner. Holistic medicine has gained a foothold in the populace, and gradually people are understanding that holistic health is really an approach to life in which we value and nourish ourselves as whole beings, with balance between work and play, the mind balanced by the heart, human society in balance with the ability of planet Earth to sustain and nourish us.

These are themes that are becoming stronger in our world as we reach for a sustainable future.