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Oatmeal Pancakes recipe

  • Gluten Free and Dairy Free

  • Made without flour

  • Choose Dairy Free or with Dairy but Casein Free 

  • Whole Grain

  • Freezable batter for quick meals later

  • Freezable pancakes for meals from the toaster

  • Fabulous taste 

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Pancakes on cast iron griddle
We use a cast iron griddle to get the excellent non-stick surface that heals itself, and avoids the risk of toxins from petrochemicals like Teflon.

Plate of pancakes with ghee, applesauce, and maple syrup
Mmmm. A short stack with thin layers between the cakes of organic (how it's grown) and natural (how it's processed) peanut butter mixed with ghee, then topped with applesauce, banana slices, and a little bit of maple sugar.