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Registering in Passport,
your online medical portal.

Passport enables you to : 

  • Communicate directly with the doctor or staff by secure messaging.  

  • See your next appointment date.

  • View key clinical information about you or your child, such as  lab reports, allergies, diagnoses, current medications, immunizations, etc.  

  • Allow other doctors to view this information. 

  • Do these things using a smartphone or computer.

A brief registration is necessary for all existing and new patients. The process is simple:
  1. Make an appointment by phone: 609-474-4325
    The person at our front desk initiates the registraton process for you. 

    If you're already a patient and haven't received an invitation to register, call us. 
    The front desk folks will set you up.

  2. You receive two emails, as well as a text message on your phone. 

    1. We send an email to new patients with some essential forms for you to fill out, and a bit of orientation.

    2. A different email comes from Elation. The subject is "Deborah Ginsburg, MD has a secure message for you". Inside the email is a button to click that will bring you to the registration process.

      It asks you have a cell phone available. Call us if you don't have one. 609-474-4325.

    3. When the text arrives, it  contains a code you'll need for first log-in. 

  1. Click the link in the email and follow the instructions. The process takes about five minutes.

A free service for all patients:

There is  no cost to the patient for the online service.
Some other medical practices have started charging for similiar services, but we do not.

For patients who are still using the old system:

  • You will be moved to the new system sometime in May 2016.
  • Until then, you can still view your records in the old Health Hub., but do not send messages through it. Use Passport to communicate to the doctor. 
  • Shortly after May 2016, the old Hub will be turned off. 

.Please call us if you have any questions or difficulties.

Login to the Passport

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are here.

Forms for your
first appointment:

These forms will also be emailed to you when you make your first apointment.

Reset your password here.
Passport FAQ page.

For help with Passport:
call us at 609-474-4325
or send an email to