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Prescription refill policy

Our office handles prescription refills differently than many other practices.

Refills are handled when you meet with the doctor, not handled phone, email, or in the Elation Passport app. (Except for refills that are included with the original prescription, which is listed on the prescription label.)

When we write a prescription or give a refill, enough medication is given to last until your next visit. At times an exception is made and the fee is $25 per medication.

Pharmacy requests:
We do not accept phone call or faxed refill requests from pharmacies.  Please inform your pharmacy not to contact us for refills. Medications are refilled during your visit with the doctor.  (If refills are already included on the prescription, the pharmacy can give you those without calling us.)

Please understand that it’s your responsibility to keep track of your medication refills and schedule follow up appointments accordingly.

Please keep this in mind when scheduling or rescheduling follow up appointments.


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