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Rates, Payment, and Insurance

Below we cover five items:
    1. Payment at time of your visit.

    2. Coverage of visits by insurance

    3. The fees for different kinds of visits.
      (And different rates for doctor and nutritionist.)

    4. Details on fees for other services. 
      This includes email and phone consultations, and more.

    5. Payment issues and collections


Payment is due at the time of the visit, and we will submit the fee to your insurance company if you want us to and if your insurance policy provides out-of-network coverage. the reimbursement will come directly to you.

If you have one, we take your credit card number when you register. The credit card billing system we use is an ultra secure service we rent, and all the credit card numbers and processing is handled by it.

Medicare and Medicaid

Neither Healing Oceans or Dr. Ginsburg participate in Medicare or Medicaid. As a result, patients who are enrolled in Medicare are not covered and cannot be reimbursed by the program for seeing Dr. Ginsburg. 


Healing Oceans does not participate with health insurance plans as a member of their networks.

This means we are "out of network" for your insurance reimbursement. We do not accept their decision about how long the doctor should spend with you to address your issues, or how much money they think it is worth.

(Insurance companies usually allow big dollars for surgeons and drugs, and less to actually figure out what the root problem is. Dr. Ginsburg's rates are among the most reasonable in the region for the work she does, but she spends more time with patients than most insurance companies allow.)

However -
your visit will be covered if your insurance plan covers out of network visits, and not covered if it does not cover them. The amount that is covered is affected by two things:
  •  You need to meet the deductable of your insurance plan. No reimbursement happens for any issue with any out of network doctor until you meet this. 

  • The insurance company will decide how much of the charge for the visit is "reasonable and customary" (their term). This number is never customary. It is always lower than the usual charge for the visit.

    (Dr. Ginsburg's rates, because they are lower than normal, are usually inside this "reasonable and customary" figure. Being a holistic doctor usually means she would charge even more than that. In our area of the country, holistic family doctors generally charge between $350 and $600 per hour.)

  • The insurance company will then pay a percentage of the cost of the visit, according to what is written into your policy. That percentage is usually between 50 and 100%, with many falling around 70%.
 We will also submit the visit to your insurance company for you.

Separating from the craziness of insurance plans was a difficult decision for Dr. Ginsburg because it would leave some of her patients without coverage to see her. For this reason she set her rates low and created the membership plans described below, which work to reduce costs and improve your access. She writes about the things she considered in making her decision, concluding it was something she must do.

Costs of visits:

NOTE:  Occasionally a visit takes longer than expected, such as if a problem turns out to have a high degree of complexity. 

Visits with Dr. Ginsburg:  
The following rates are effective July 1, 2016.

Our rates are within the "reasonable and customary" guidelines used by the insurance companies.

(For the nutritionist's rates, click here.)

Type of Visit

Est. minutes (can


(Young children may be eligible for annual plan.)

Initial visit 



initial visit for ASD
(Autism Spectrum) patients

80 or more 


 All patients receive an account  on an online portal that gives:
  • access to the doctor between visits using secure online messaging. 
  • the availability of test results online, which may eliminate need for some follow up visits. 
  • Efficiency by the doctor in processing data about your case.
 More details here
No charge.  
Well woman visit
This is much more than most doctors do in a GYN exam, and includes pap, breast exam, complete health review, and plan for ongoing health maintenence / improvement.) 



Well adolescent visits



Well child visit



Follow up visits
     May run longer, depending on complexity & amount of information to distill.
     Times are estimates. Ask  at front desk or call if you need clarity about your visit.

40 to 60 minutes

200 to 300

Follow up visits
(Autism Spectrum)



Urgent visits -
related to illness or
other urgent issue.




40 to 60

$200 to $350

Visits with nutritionist Stephanie Goodman: 

Stephanie sees clients for a minimum of three visits, since a few visits are usually needed to help the client stabilize a change.

Regarding insurance coverage for her, please click here.

After the initial sessions, some continue to see her a few times a year to provide ongoing support.

She focuses on guiding the lifestyle changes (in diet, nutrition, food sensitivies, toxin reduction, weight loss, etc.) that will produce the greatest improvement in health and vitality.  See more about her here.

Free initial session

A free initial session is available, lasting twenty minutes, for those who want to meet with her before deciding. There is no obligation to continue, and we hope you leave with a sense of whether Stephanie can meet your needs or not..

Type of Package:
Nutritionist visits

 # of visits


Start up package 1:   2 months
Includes initial visit and two follow ups, usually covering two months.. 
Three visits $360
Start up package 2:  5 months
Includes initial visit and five follow ups, usually covering five months. 

Six visits


Continuing support 1

Three extended visits 

Continuing support 2

Three maintenance  visits

One Year
Ongoing Support and 
Teaching Package

First six months:
Second six months

Nine sessions

6 visits

3 visits 

Individual sessions
These are not normally offered, except at the request of Dr. Ginsburg for special cases involving her patients. This always involves extra preparation, which is included in the fee
1 visit


Insurance coverage for nutritionist:

For patients that see Dr. Ginsburg first, some of the visit to the nutritionist may be eligible for reimbursement IF you have out-of-network coverage. .

Payment is made at the time of the visit, unless you subscribe to one of the membership plans below. 


Sometimes visits are combined, like a sick visit with a yearly well visit. In those cases the time and the fee is added together.

Payment issues and collections


  • Invoices not paid within 120 days are subject to patient dismissal and submission to a collections agency.
  • If we must remit your account to our collection agency, an additional 30% of the balance owing (including late fees of $5 per month) will be charged to your account.

(bounced check) Fees and Collections:
  • If your payment is refused or bounces, you will be charged $30 and any bank charges incurred, and 
  • you are given 14 days to make payment. After that you are charged a late fee of $5/month.

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