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The Smart Parenting Evening 

A Whole Life Approach to
Supporting Your Growing Child

  • Open to everyone, no admission charge 

  • A group conversation with three holistic practioners on holistic child care.

  • Monday May 7, 2012, 7:00 to 9:00

Smart parenting begins with seeing the whole child and the child's whole development. Parents understand that they need to pay attention to not just a child's physical health, but the mind and spirit also. So what does holistic medicine say on this level?

The discussion will help foster your own sense of what the best parenting advice is, as well as an understanding of
  • How do emotions and relationships affect children's health, performance, and well being? 
  • When do activities help, and when do they work against your kids? How about camps?
  • How to evaluate when a child has too much electronics (cell phone, TV, computer, video games, etc), and what are the symptoms of too much.
  • What clues tell you that you are supporting, not hindering your child? 
  • Where are the tools to help you see and support your children in a whole way in our modern life.
Come for an evening of discussion and parenting tips hosted by three noted practitioners of holistic health for children, and taking place at the Healing Oceans office.
  • May 6, 2012, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
  • No Charge
    Reservations not required.
  • Open to everyone
If you are a parent wanting to understand how to create an optimal environment for your child development and to help them build strong character and strong heart, you will find rich material here.

Consider this if your child is ADHD, or is on the autism spectrum, or has anger or impulse control difficulties, or just seems stressed. Come if you as parent are stressed. Come if you just want to be a great parent with smart parenting skills.

Dr. Ginsburg is pleased to team up with two other outstanding healers:  psychotherapist Jane Martin, MA, LAC, and acupuncturist / herbalist Andrew Appelo, MSOM, L.Ac., RH (AHG)  to blend their complementary and holistic viewpoints.

The evening will follow an informal, discussion style in which questions from the audience will be used to explore the subject. 

Their backgrounds:

Dr. Ginsburg's background is here.

Jane Martin, MA, LAC

Jane is well known locally as a therapist at Volition Wellness Solutions who has done some great work supporting both children,  adults, and couples. She is also a trained Breathwork facilitator.

She specializes in child and transpersonal psychology. She is a parenting expert, and offers her discipline workshop, "When to Say Yes and When to Say No - and How to do it" at churches, schools, and at Omega Institute.

The former co-owner of the Natural Baby Catalog, and pioneer in the Natural Parenting Movement in the 1980's and 90's, Jane works with families and children to move toward a wholesome lifestyle, in the way that works best for the family.

Before drugs are considered, Jane will work with scheduling, discipline style, order and rhythm, communication, mindfulness, and emotional health. Working with children, she uses projective play therapy to uncover inner conflicts. She offers Imago Couples Therapy for the parents, Nonviolent Communication problem solving for the whole family, and a program for schools called Social Pathways, to help children who are bullying find better ways of meeting their needs, rather than punishing them. Jane works extensively with teenagers, through ReTribe (www.ReTribe.org) and other teen retreat organizations.

A meditator of 4 decades, Jane also supports clients with transpersonal (spiritual) issues. She is on the faculty of Integration Concepts, and is a Masters Level Breath Therapist. Her Breathwork workshops at Volition, and private Breathwork sessions, provide a way for people to heal deep issues that are beyond talk therapy, and to access immediate and powerful spiritual experience.

Jane's three children have flown the nest, so she deeply values her time spent with cute little clients.

Jane's website is www.JaneMartin.org

Andrew Appello, M.S., C.A., L.A.

A holistic practitioner and practicing clinical herbalist. Certified acupuncturist in New Jersey, Licensed in Pennsylvania.

His commitment to natural therapies and interest in traditional Asian healing modalities began in his youth with his pursuit of the martial arts. His masters were teachers who kept the ancient practice of combining traditional healing modalities with the various martial arts forms.

After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Rider University, Andrew turned his focus to his lifelong commitment to the study of the martial arts and their accompanying ancient healing disciplines. He pursued formal training of these therapies at highly regarded American schools, and apprenticed with leaders in the fields of acupuncture and herbal therapeutics.

Andrew Appello received a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine, covering both internal and external medicine, from the Tri-State College of Acupuncture in Manhattan. Here, he studied three styles of acupuncture:
  • Japanese Acupuncture under Kilko Matsamoto
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture
  • Western Acupuncture, including bio-medical acupuncture and trigger point therapy
and two forms of herbal healing:
  • Kanpo Japanese Herbal Therapy under Nigel Dawes
  • Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
He enhanced this training by graduating from the David Winston School of Herbal Therapeutics in Clinton, New Jersey. Here, he completed a two-year intense herbalist training program encompassing Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic herbal medicine, Cherokee herbal medicine, physio-medicalism, Thompsonian herbal medicine, Medicine of the Eclectics, Unani-Tibb (an Arabic modality) and Western European Herbal medicine.

Dr. Deborah Ginsburg
Dr Ginsburg MD

Jane Martin
Jane Martin

Andrew Appello
Andrew Appello
M.S., C.A., L.A.

 each moment brings such joy to life.