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What does a nutritionist
do for you?

  • When you should go directly to a nutritionist?

  • The range of conditions
    a nutritionist treats.
    (It's not just foods and supplements.)

What a nutritionist does is help you understand (as a coach and teacher) the foundation of your health - your diet. But it's not just about food and supplements.

She not only addresses needed changes, but coaches you to implement the changes in diet and kitchen. 

She also treats issues that result from poor nutrition or cause poor nutrition when the body does not work correctly.

Our holistic nutritionist is tooled up to offer a broader and different kind of support for nutritional issues than Dr. Ginsburg, who works closely with her. She also costs less.

This page covers:

A nutritionist: important basic health care.

Dr. Ginsburg believes, based on years of medical practice and scientific study, that the foods you consume (and those you don't) are at the core of health. Period. Managing a disease always starts with, and will not succeed without, proper nutrition.

Taking supplements, taking herbs, homeopathics, seeing a chiropractor, getting exercise - all these things can be helpful, but without solid nutrition, THRIVING is not going to happen.

But it can be so challenging to understand what good nutrition really is, as we sort through advertising, government guidelines, the promotions of special interests, fad diets, the magic vitamin of the month, and our own, entrenched eating habits built up over many years.

So the most important building block for good health and ridding the body of disease can also be one of the most difficult.

And some foods commonly purported to be healthy are not. For example, that chicken is better than beef, or that cows' milk is a superior source of calcium. 

Some have even changed their diets to be healthier, but stumbled in health because they don't understand that some foods, for them, create problems.

Almost any food can become a potential problem, based on allergy or food sensitivity isssues. These food sensitivities are far more comon than is generally understood by patients or doctors. They are becoming epidemic due to adulteration of the foods brought us by industrial food production as well as modification of the genetic code of  plants and animals (GMO foods).

Common medical practices and the widespread use of infant formula (even just one bottle) also damage the function of the digestive system, further contributing to the development of food sensitivities.

Identifying these sensitivities is critical to healing, and sometimes the symptoms are confusing.

Changing how you eat and how you feed your family can make you feel like you are swimming upstream.

Learning how to select and prepare good food, and implementing necessary dietary changes is a process that is far more likely to be successful when you partner with a knowledgeable nutritionist.

List of conditions a nutritionist can address:

Well, just about anything can be nutrition related and can benefit from a change in nutrition. Some conditions can even be reversed or healed using nutrition alone.

Below is a partial list of conditions for which you might go directly to a nutritionist.

Nutritionists can vary a great deal in the depth of their knowledge and their competence. Make sure you find a good one.

The Healing Oceans nutritionist Stephanie Goodman, CNC works closely with Dr. Ginsburg, whose medical practice incorporates nutrition very strongly. If you need to see a physician as well for your condition, Stephanie will refer you on.
  • Lowering cholesteral
  • Weight loss / weight control
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Diabetes 

  • Lack of energy
  • Insomnia
  • Mood disorders, anxiety, depression 
  • Poor mental focus, lack of concentration

  • Food allergies
    • Identify allergies
    • Meal planning for allergy avoidance

  • Any digestive issues:
    • Gas and bloating
    • Chronic constipation
    • Diarrhea
    • Ulcerative colitis
    • inflammatory bowel diseases

  • All auto immune diseases
    • thyroid conditions
    • muscle and joint diseases
    • Crones disease
    • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
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The goal is to enable the body to heal itself, and maintain itself in a high state of health.
                    - Dr. Deborah Ginsburg, MD

Please call our office at 609-474-4325.

Cost and details:
The charge to see Stephanie is different than seeing Dr. Ginsburg, and it is possible your (out-of-network) medical insurance will reimburse you something when you see her.

For details of the charges, as well as other details of the practice, click here.

For a description of the Healing Oceans nutritionist, Stephanie Goodman, click here.


Holistic Nutritionist Stephanie Goodman

Stephanie Goodman, CNC
Nutritionist at
Healing Oceans